What makes a watch Swiss made?

When it comes to watches, everyone knows that Swiss made is a tell-tale sign of quality, luxury, and prestige. There's clearly something about the look and feel of Swiss made watches that make us tick, but what exactly makes a watch Swiss made? Despite the name, it isn't quite as simple as being made in Switzerland!

In fact, for a watch to be marked with the recognisable 'Swiss Made' designation it's so well known for, there are a series of criteria it must fit. This criteria, in order to preserve the integrity and reputation of the designation 'Swiss Made', is protected by Swiss law.

For starters, at least 60% of the production cost must be attributable to manufacturing costs generated in Switzerland. This sounds straightforward enough, but it is only one of several requirements. In addition to the 60% rule, Swiss law requires that a Swiss made watch's movement is Swiss, its movement is cased in Switzerland, and the final inspection by the manufacturer was carried out in Switzerland. What makes a watch's movement Swiss, you may ask? Well, if it has been assembled and inspected by the manufacturer in Switzerland, then it is considered to have Swiss movement. This is sometimes a designation in its own right, particularly in cases where the movement is Swiss but it will be cased up elsewhere. Watches like this would not be considered Swiss made, despite having Swiss movement.

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