Mechanical versus Quartz – Picking Your Perfect Watch

The road to picking your perfect watch is something we all need a little help with sometimes – there’s so much choice! Not only are style and practicality major things to consider, but the movement of a watch could be a factor, too.

If you’re not too familiar with the inner-workings of watches, there are two main types; mechanical and quartz. Mechanical is where the hands work in a sweeping motion, whereas quartz represents individual ticks, which most of us will likely be more familiar with.

There are a few differences between these movements which can help you decide on the perfect watch:

Mechanical movements can often found in luxury watches – this is because the level of craftsmanship and quality that goes into these types of watches is extremely high. If you’re looking for a more high-range watch, you’ll likely find they run on mechanical movements, however, this rule doesn’t apply all the time, and even less frequently in modern day design.

Unlike quartz, there’s no battery in mechanical watches. The movement is created by energy stored from a spring, which is then released through the movement.

The movement within mechanical watches is split between manual movement and automatic movements – you can decide which is best for you based on the design you choose.

If you think mechanical might be the best option – there are always new designs landing on our site, so you’ll be sure to find a timeless piece perfect for you.

Quartz is a very accurate way of telling the time. Quartz watches are most popular for mid-range watches, and use a battery as the main power source. This watch type requires very minimal maintenance, apart from battery replacements, of course, so is also very cost-efficient.

We offer a wide and beautiful selection of quartz watches on-site –from timeless pieces, to sportier models. If you’re fond of the no-fuss option, quartz is likely better-suited, and you won’t have to worry about replacing tricky parts, or being without your watch for a while if it requires maintenance.

Ready to explore our range to find the perfect new watch? Time to get shopping!